Completed Program

National Workshop on Post 2015 Sustainable Development Framework
26 Jul 2017 / Completed Program

NGO Federation of Nepal (NFN) organized a Multi-stakeholder National Workshop on Post 2015 Development Framework in Kathmandu on 14 August 2014. The main objective of the workshop was to share outcome of different thematic discussions on proposed post 2015 Development Goals and collect feedback from various stakeholders and prepare common agenda from entire civil society on the Post 2015 agenda before the government of Nepal sets its position and makes recommendations to the United Nations regarding on Post 2015 Development Framework.

Multi-Stakeholder Sharing on SD 2015
26 Jul 2017 / Completed Program

As the deadline for completing MDGs appears very near, all development actors including CSOs, development partners and government officials gathered in Kathmandu on 10 July 2014 to discuss possible agendas to be recommended from Nepal for Post 2015 Framework.

Sustainable Development 2015
26 Jul 2017 / Completed Program
NGO Federation of Nepal has been engaging in various programme and initiatives around MGDs and Post 2015 development agenda for long. Recently, being selected as one of the partners by CIVICUS, NFN has launched multi-stakeholder programme known as Sustainable Development 2015 (SD 2015) for Nepal. The programme which is implemented jointly by CIVICUS and Stakeholder Forum, in collaboration with UNDESA intends to conduct global deliberations on and around the SDGs and post 2015 development agenda in different countries.